Plett Volunteers NPC is an initiative founded by residents of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa and the surrounding areas. We are a registered NPC (non-profit company; reg. no. 2020/739013/08 ). We are an independent organisation and not politically affiliated in any way whatsoever.

What we do

We are now in our second phase of activity and follow a sustainable, long-term approach by acting as an ‘enabler’ whose main objective is to support existing as well as emerging grass-roots and public initiatives in our area. This we do by providing services such as

  • buying and storing food stock and groceries for independently run canteens and soup kitchens, in bulk and at preferential whole-sale prices;
  • providing administrative, logistical and managerial support to micro-enterprises with a focus on social upliftment;
  • identifying, stimulating and consulting social self-help initiatives that exist and emerge within our communities.

You can help us to help those in need by making a donation, and/or by becoming actively involved yourself.

How we began

What sparked us into action was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in our region in early March 2020, and in particular the massive social side effects of the lockdown that became necessary to “slow the spread and flatten the curve”. The shut-down of numerous businesses in our area and the termination of employment and job opportunities due to social distancing measures has had a drastic consequence: incomes have fallen away and families and individuals run the risk of going hungry. This is over and above an already dire situation in our country – read the article “With no nutritional reserves, Covid-19 will push people over the edge” by Kopano Matlwa Mabaso published in the Mail and Guardian on 15 April 2020 to find out more.

One of the first initiatives to respond to this situation was the Bitou COVID-19 Response Team who identified the need for a feeding scheme early on:

“A big concern for us is the growing number of hungry people in the community. We noticed that there were many privately run feeding schemes and our concern was that not all the vulnerable groups were being identified and that some individuals may be benefiting from more than one donor. We therefore set up a centralised feeding programme and we are extremely grateful to have Rob Bokelmann as the food aid coordinator. He manages a group of volunteers in charge of the respective Bitou Wards. There is one volunteer per ward and these volunteers work closely with the ward counsellors to identify the vulnerable groups and existing feeding initiatives that need support.” (Bitou Covid-19 Response Team Newsletter, 30 April 2020 [seen 28.05.2020])

Against this backdrop Plett Volunteers focused on two main activities during its first phase of operation, from March to October 2020:

  • collecting, packaging and distributing food donations to a number of affected communities in our area
  • supplying soup kitchens in our area with groceries

Communities supported during Phase I (March to October 2020)

We’re presently supplying food donations to eight communities in and around Plettenberg Bay. For each community one of us acts as person-in-charge (the I/C) who co-ordinates the transport of food from our distribution center at the Methodist Church to the community, and the distribution of pre-packaged food parcels, JAM-porridge and other goods to registered beneficiaries in need who live within that community. For more information on the communities supported, click here.

Soup kitchens supported

Soup kitchens play a vital role in feeding those in need. Plett Volunteers in co-operation with a number of local restaurants currently support over fifty soup kitchens, either by providing groceries and ingredients so that meals can be prepared by the kitchen itself, or by cooking meals in bulk using restaurant kitchen facilities. Up to 72.000 meals per week have been provided to people in need across eight areas.

For more information and a breakdown of meals per week and area, please click here.

How we are organized

We try to keep our organizational structure as lean and simple as possible:


Who we work together with

We co-operate closely with the Bitou Covid-19 Response Team, Plett Tourism, Plett Foundation, Bitou Municipality, and a number of food relief organizations that are active in our area.

If you would like to assist them, either financially or by offering your services, you can find their details below. If you want to donate directly to Plettvolunteers (THANK YOU!!!) you will find our account information here.

All organisations listed below have a valid NPO number.

New Horizons Care Group
(New Horizons)
NPO no: 168-689
Bank: FNB
Branch: Plett 210514
Acc no: 62584850244
Contact name: Doris Fornefeld
Contact Number: +27 72 387 4593

Building the Walls
(Wider Bitou area)
NPO no: 051-444
Bank: FNB
Branch: Plett 210514
Acc No: 62735727086
Contact Name: Elaine Paulse
Contact Number: +27 83 446 6432

South African National Tuberculosis Association
NPO no: 020-864
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Plett 05-07-14
Acc No: 101211383995
Contact Name: Hilda Plaatjies
Contact Number: +27 73 762 8691

Living Hope Association
(New Horizons)
NPO no: 183-217
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Plett 05-07-14
Acc No: 10130041422
Contact Name: Leonard Jonas
Contact Number: +27 83 488 6896

Native Roots
(Plett Central)
NPO no: 191-794
Bank: FNB
Branch: Plett 210-514
Acc No: 62749937043
Contact Name: Mary-Anne Cunningham
Contact Number: +27 83 783 2176

Muddy Pooches
NPO no: 211-868
Bank: FNB
Branch: 250-655
Acc No: 62708157054
Contact: Tanya Hyde
Contact Number: +27 83 555 0567

Our supporters

We gratefully acknowledge the invaluable support which we receive from numerous local businesses and organizations as well as private individuals.